IFA’s Mediatheque (Multimedia Library) is committed to respond to cultural and educational needs of our public of any age: Children, adolescents, adults, school and university students, teachers and professionals.

There are more than 6000 documents in different formats: Books, magazines, DVD/CDs…

• Books various fields of study (literature, history, society, economy, science …) covering cultural, political, economic, and scientific news and up to date researches in France and Afghanistan.

• Magazines and newspapers for self-awareness and self-entertainment.

• Films which retrace French classical and contemporary cinema in different periods.

• Organizing and recording concerts and theatre plays performed by the most famous French and Afghan artists.

• Multimedia French language learning and teaching methods.

• A large collection of novels, documentaries and strip cartoons for the teenagers.

Membership process is simple and easy, you would just need to have the following documents with you :

• National ID card / Passport copy
• 2 photos
• 250 AFN (5$) / Year for IFA’s students
• 500 AFN (10$) / Year for other students
• 1000 AFN (20$) / Year for public

IFA’s Mediatheque also offers :

• Possibility of borrowing documents until 21 days

• Educational visit for school students according to an agreed schedule

• Access to the “Bibliothéque de l’Apprenant” to improve your French.

• A space for debate and conversation on specific themes chosen by IFA’s team or its partners.