The French Institute of Afghanistan was pleased to host the French cultural organization Work in Progress led by Miss. Nikki Diana Marquardt in April and May to present an exceptional interactive exhibition.

Bringing together films and digital works by several women’s artists from different countries, this exhibition attracted a large audience of young Afghans.


– BAGHDAD NIGHT by the Iraqi artist Furat AL JAMIL – 3D animation film

– SPEAK TO TWEET by Egyptian artist Heba AMIN – Digital installation on 3 screens

– DREAM HOMES PROPERTY of the Palestinian artist Alexandra Sophia HANDAL – Web site ‘data base’ gathering different archives on real estate in Palestine; Their destructions and their rehabilitation, history and archives of the families concerned

– TEDDY & NADIA and ELIE by Egyptian artist Heba AMIN – Short films of families from Bethlehem and Jerusalem, showing their history and the journey of their exile.


For the opening of this exhibition we also welcomed the Afghan artist Shamsia HASSANI for the realization of a live fresco that the young Afghans greatly appreciated.

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