Saturday, 23 August 2014 22:26 Written by Tariq Majidi

At his exhibition at the French Cultural Center in Kabul, Afghan cartoonist Mahdi Amini displays his skillful work entitled “Dirtied Taliban Hands” that offers social and political commentary on the role of women in Afghanistan and government policies toward the Taliban.

Amini has said that all his pieces are intended to show the bitter realities in Afghanistan, so blood, violence and the destruction cause by war are major themes in it. He also said that the pieces represent innocence and the Taliban’s transgressions again Afghan civilians.

“In the current condition of Afghanistan, we witness killings and blood every day, where innocent people are sacrificed,” Amini told TOLOnews. “Unfortunately, we witness supports for these killers from some government officials,” he added, in an apparent dig at the policies of President Hamid Karzai that many in Parliament have characterized as conciliatory, such as the releasing of suspected militants from prison.

Amini’s socially and political relevant work comes at a time in which all eyes seem to be trained on Afghanistan’s troubled presidential election and security transition ahead of the NATO withdraw in December. His cartoons are especially popular among Afghan youth.

“Fortunately, the youth were waiting for it eagerly and warmly welcomed it,” Muhammad Qais Hatefi, the press officer for the French Institute Of Afghanistan.

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