From February 28th to March 4th 2016 the French Institute of Afghanistan hosted the photographer Ferrante FERRANTI to present several conferences and perform shooting in several major historical sites in Bamyan Valley as part of the 15th anniversary of the Buddha statues’ destruction; these photographs will be exhibited at the IFA during the year on 2016.

Ruins of St. Clair church, Guatemala, 2002 / © Ferrante FERRANTI,

On March 1st, Ferrante FERRANTI invited the American University of Afghanistan’ students to cross again part of their rich cultural heritage throughout his conference JOURNEY IN MOGHOL INDIA – From Babur to Aurangzeb, a development of the heritage imported by the Mughal emperors in India and influence to Afghanistan.

On March 2nd, the students from Fine Arts Department and French Department of Kabul University could assist to the conference READ PHOTOGRAPHY – EDUCATED EYE; during the one Ferrante FERRANTI offered them the opportunity to rediscover the art of photography and its role of awakener: the photography is not in two dimensions; it uses a third dimension: the imagination which is a reflection of our beings; it is all about learning how to read images instead of just looking at them so they take their place and reflects our sensitivity.

March 3rd morning, the Aga Khan Trust for Culture foundation and the audience received in their turn the conference JOURNEY IN MOGHOL INDIA.

Later on during the day, Ferrante FERRANTI had a conference at the French embassy’s Residence titled THE SPIRIT OF THE RUINS: The ruins are the work of time and human memory. They have caused or discovered them, contemplated or imagined…

Tracing for nearly two hours a complicate journey across the great civilizations and mythical sites including Bamyan, that explorers, artists and writers dreamed about over centuries, Ferrante FERRANTI invited his audience to a journey across the word’s relics of the past to reveal its poetry, its beauty as much as its sense.

Photographer-traveller, Ferrante FERRANTI has joined Dominique FERNANDEZ from the French Academy, since thirty years, in a united exploration of the baroque and the different strata of civilizations; his photographs keeping dialogue with the texts of the writer, from Sicily to Saint Petersburg, from Syria to Bolivia. In 2000, he has illustrated the reissue of the book « Mère Méditerranée » (Mediterranean Mother), published in 1952 and became a classic of travel literature.

Ferrante FERRANTI is the photographer of around forty books upon Italy and the Mediterranean (Syria, Libya or ancient Algeria), Russia, Bolivia, Portugal and Brazil, India. All his work reflects his interest in the meeting of civilizations. For instance he published the following books: Méditerranées /Imprimerie Nationale publisher/, Mes Chemins d’Espérance (My paths of hope) /Editions Philippe Rey publisher/ and                                                                                                  Maîtres Invisibles (Invisible Masters) /Actes Sud publisher/.

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