The French language and literature department of Kabul University welcomed in a solemn and friendly atmosphere, the university chancellor Mr. Habibullah Habib and his Excellency the Ambassador of France on October 26th 2015.

Followed by many students, teachers and also the directors of a dozen other departments of Kabul University who have joined, the ceremony permitted to pay homage in the presence of his family, to teacher Habibullah Souratgar. Former director of the French department, from 1985 to 1992 and then from 2002 to 2014, passionate by teaching French language and the promotion of the education values, his memory was honoured, more than a year after his death. A room has received his name.

This ceremony has also permitted to present the publication of the French book The Last Day of a Condemned from Victor Hugo translated in Pashto and Dari. A collective and collaborative work between IFA and Kabul University French language and literature department, that will permit to share an important work from our heritage; this to illustrate the talent of a great writer, his social period, and his long path to a certain conception of justice that we defend through the abolition of the death penalty.

The staffs of the department in 2015 are more than 350 students, including more than a hundred of the French department (translation and didactics) and 250 from the other faculties of university (law, medicine, pharmacy and polytechnic). Significant construction works have just been completed, allowing activities to develop in the best conditions.

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