Margalit BERRIET in Kabul from August 29th to September 11th, 2014


The IFA has invited the French artist Margalit BERRIET, International Curator for Exhibitions and founder of the Association Mémoire de l’Avenir.

Her exhibition will be presented at IFA from September 1st to 10th.

During her stay, Margalit will present two conferences to the Graphic Arts Department students at the University of Kabul: one upon the Art origins and another one about the Symbols as a universal language that participates to the building process of our future memory;

She will give also several master classes to these students.


Her artistic works includes research about human relations that is closely related to our emotions consciousness and sensibility, their causes and consequences.

Considering that artist creation is not only committed to an aesthetic dimension and goes much beyond its message, provocation, proposition, criticism, thoughts and interaction that it may generate, Margalit travels often to other countries (Germany, Jordan, Palestine, Turkey, Senegal, etc.) to meet the civil society activists and artists for sharping and encouraging their creativities: art and culture can help us to know and respect each others and accept a world sharing its pluralities and diversity.

She will come and meet the artists and students in Kabul with this particular state of mind, and will also present her art works activities led within her association Mémoire de l’Avenir – MDA.


Mémoire de l’AvenirMDA – brings together artists and researchers around intercultural and artistic programs nourished by cultural and educational activities.

Its purpose is to transmit a message of peace to all generations, openness mind and acceptance of differences, to promote mutual understanding between cultures and individuals.

MDA was founded to fight against all forms of inequality (physical, mental, gender, origin and/or cultural), stereotypes and prejudice upon our differences.

MDA has developed a research network to build a new methodology based on art as a factor and medium for exchanges and dialogues.


The initial observation that misunderstanding, ignorance and lack of education are responsible for these prejudices has logically led MDA to promote access to culture and knowledge for all peoples.

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