My crew, Pockemon Crew, recently wrapped up a six-week tour in Asia, finishing up with a special show in Kabul, Afghanistan.  They visited seven countries, touring their latest show, called And… Action!, and spent a week in the Afghan capital, hosting workshops and performing.

A tribute to cinema, the crew held 11 performances of the show in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand, The Philippines, Vietnam, Afghanistan and Indonesia.

Kabul is a city that, in recent news, isn’t exactly famous for its tourism and culture. It was therefore an honor for the crew, whose visit was supported by the The French Institute andThe City of Lyonto have such a rare and life-changing opportunity to perform in post-war Afghanistan. In fact, Pockemon is the first global dance company to have ever performed and taught dance in the capital city.

The crew was warmly received and felt welcome in Kabul, a city whose current access to culture is at best extremely limited. All the dancers could feel the tension during their one-week stay right from the moment they arrived. They were given bulletproof vests and escorted straight from their airplane by a special security envoy.

The workshop saw more than 60 young dancers in attendance, between the ages of nine and 19. All were highly motivated to participate, haling from some of the lowest-income neighborhoods in Kabul.

All the dancers consider themselves lucky to have had this experience. While the crew is back in France now, they left with wonderful memories of the warm people in Afghanistan, and hope to soon return.


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