“Actually I dont know how I should express what I have to say about this digital art exhibition today at IFA , it really changed my perspective in relation to art, today I understand that art has no boundaries or limits; wherever we are in the world today, people around the world can visit our exhibition thanks to the new technology.
And myself also as a student of Fine Arts I hope to become a very well-known around the world through my artist works’


“The artist is amazing, he managed to put his sculptures in France and Afghanistan on Google Earth; Matiullah has shown us all and I really find it amazing I have never thought that it can be possible;. Really, I am not good with computers, I work the paint, but I would love to know the same thing, it’s better than anything we know YouTube and all that … There is magic ”


“Too bad the artist who made it couldn’t come. Matiullah said he wanted to remain anonymous, I say that everyone should know him;.”

“Thanks for thinking of Afghanistan in a digital exhibition it is beautiful and I didn’t know that it is possible to do what he did today.”


“Madame Laurence called your sculptures lighten warriors, she also said that it was a name she invented because she did not know what to call them. I think it is very nice and it is in accordance with what is happening here: the walls, the soldiers … Thank you for putting all these lights in our country. “

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